Classroom Rules

We have an exciting, educational year ahead of us. In order to ensure that we maintain a safe, copperative and encouraging learning environment, a set of classroom rules and consequences has been created. It is important for you to be familiar with our classroom rules and consequences so you know what behavior is expected in our class and how behavior issues will be handled.

Classroom rules:

1. Follow the Teachers’ Directions

2. Treat Each Class Member and Their Property with Respect

3. Speak Politely

4. Be Prepared to Work

Good behavior will be rewarded with stickers, verbal praise, and numbered tokens (each child is assigned a number). There will be many opportunities for your child to earn tokens throughout the day. All of the earned tokens will be placed in a bag and at the end of the day, several tokens will be chosen for a trip to the treasure box. Everyday, your child will start with no strike marks. If the rules are not followed, the child will receive a strike mark, a token will be lost and a consequence is given. Check you child’s agenda daily to see how many strikes marks they received.


No strikes marks- Great Job!

1 strike- Warning

2 strikes- 5 Minutes Off Recess

3 strikes- 10 Minutes Off Recess

4 strikes- Lose Job

5 strikes- Note/Call Home

6 strikes- Office Visit

I look forward to a wonderful, productive school year. Your help and support with this is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions!


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