iPod Touch


Today, we used the iPod app StoryKit to create plant life cycle books. The pioneers worked very hard and they turned out great!

12/22/10- Apps & Games for Your iPod Touch

Click here to check out a video that I helped create, which highlights lots of fun, educational games that we use on our iPods.

11/10/10- Spelling Lists

Today we used our iPods to practice our spelling words. Once a week, we enter our words into the Spelling Lists app. Once we have entered our words, we are able to quiz ourselves on them, or we can choose to review any of the previous lists that we have entered. It is a simple and fun way to get in some spelling practice!

10/20/10- Glow Doodle

Glow Doodle remains a very popular app in our classroom. Today, we used the iPods to practice singular and plural nouns. Using the Glow Doodle app (detailed below), we wrote the plural form of the singular noun written on the SmartBoard. We had tons of fun with this simple, interactive review!

05/31/10- The Cat in the Hat

This is app features the favorite Dr. Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat. It is a full, interactive version of the story that allows the student to decide if they want to read the story to themselves, or have the story read to them. There is animation and sound effects, and when you touch different objects illustrated in the story, the word for that object pops up and is read aloud. Pages are turned by swiping your finger across the screen. My kids really enjoyed this app. They loved listening too it and then reading it themselves. They tried tapping on everything to see if a word would pop up. There is an obvious attention to detail with this app, and the overall experience that it provides is really impressive. It’s a classroom must!

4/25/10- Glow Doodle

Glow Doodle is the first app I purchased for our iPods, and it is one that we continue to use daily. Glow Doodle allows you to write or draw in many different colors on a black screen with your finger. After you have finished doodling, you can make the writing light up like a neon sign but clicking the ‘glow’ button. Writing can also be saved to your picture library by clicking the ‘save’ button. I use this app in my classroom in place of the traditional mini dry erase boards, markers and erasers. I find it perfect for quick, informal assessments. My lessons have become much more interactive since I have started using this. Even though we have a SmartBoard in our class, it only allows for 1 student to touch at a time. This app allows the rest of the student to participate even if it isn’t their turn at the board. My students often come to this app during free time with the iPods before we start our lesson. They absolutely love it!

04/18/10- New iPods

Last week, we were graciously given an additional 7 iPod touches, to bring our class total to 19. Thanks to these new additions, we now have enough iPods for every child to have their own. Having a one-to-one ratio really opens up a lot of possibilities for us. The pioneers are extremely happy and thankful for these new iPods, and are looking forward to getting them in their hands. Once the silicone cases arrive and I get them all registered and set up, we will be in business! Shouldn’t be too much longer now.

04/13/10- Math Tables

I have started to incorporate the iPods into Math class on a daily basis, using them as one of our three centers. There are a ton of apps in iTunes that practice basic math skills, and the kids have really enjoyed having time every day to sit down and explore some of them.  One of the apps that we have been using a lot lately is Math Tables. Math Tables is designed to help students practice facts, from the basics (addition and subtraction) to the not so basic (cubes and square roots). An answer is shown at the bottom of the screen, and the player has to identify the math fact that equals that answer. If the student touches the correct math fact, a check goes over top of it. If they answer incorrectly, an “x” goes over top of it. A new answer pops up on the bottom every time, even if the player doesn’t select the correct answer. There are a ton of options for customizing the game to the student’s ability level. The game design is fairly simple, but interesting enough to keep my kids motivated.

04/11/10- Introduction

Our class was recently given a set of iPod Touches. Now that we have had the opportunity to get  use to them, we feel it is time to share what we know and have learned about these wonderful devices with others. We use our iPods daily, and are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you in this space. Check back often for updates on how we are putting our fancy new technology to use!


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  1. christy Jackson says:

    I love iPods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pioneer10 says:

    I pods ROCK!!!!

  3. pioneer10 says:

    i pod are super cool

  4. pioneer7 says:

    I think ipods ROCK!

  5. kyle says:

    they do even though not in second grade been in her math

  6. latasha spinner says:

    ipods are cool… As they could be!

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