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Social Studies:

  • BrainPOP –  Grades 3-5 animated educational site for kids, covering a wide range of topics (pioneers, please see me for username and password)
  • BrainPOP Jr. – K-3 educational movies, quizzes and lessons (pioneers, please see me for username and password)
  • Gamequarium – educational games, printable material, and videos on every subject
  • Prezi – create zooming presentations online, great for reports
  • Arcademic Skill Builder – play Math and Language Arts games on your computer or your Wii
  • United Streaming– educational videos and images sorted by grade level (pioneers, please see me for username and password)
  • Funbrain– educational games and activities for grade K-8
  • – educatioanl games covering multiple subjects and grade levels. Be sure to click “try it for free” and NOT “subscribe”
  •– educational games for all subjects
  • Sheppard Software– educational games and activities for kids of all ages
  • PBSKids– educational games, videos and activities for kids
  • Spelling City– designed to help students with spelling words. New words can be entered each week and students can play games with the words
  • Dews Portaportal– websites and resources for second graders
  • Fact Monster– homework support for parents and games for kids
  • Funschool– lots of educational and entertaining games and activities
  • Kerpoof– create pictures, movies, cards, storybooks or just doodle with this fantastic website
  • Zimmer Twins– make your own animated movies
  • Play Kids Games– educationl and fun games covering lost of different topics


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